Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer: The Season of Reunions

Descension Rate practiced for the first time in about a month. All things considered, it was probably the tightest practice we've ever had. Plus we may have a show next weekend at 123, which will be our first since the 3-Hole Face reunion show a couple months back.

What's that? 3-Hole Face reunion? If you need a refresher, I was the guitarist for the Morgantown industrial metal act 3-Hole Face from 2001-2004. Former bass player Rick McCauley called us up to do a one-off gig for a local music fest he was setting up called Chuckfest (to honor his sister, a cancer survivor). Frankly, I forgot how much fun it was to play in that band. Behold, proof that we are the most attractive band on the planet:

Not much has changed, has it? Oh wait, yes it has:

That's 3-Hole Face hanging out with Bile after we opened up for them in November 2002. Krztoff looks pissed because The Sound Factory in Charleston, WV couldn't handle the power that Bile required. They kept blowing fuses, so they had to cut their set after 5 songs. Bear looks happy because he's getting ready to dry-hump Terry.

And speaking of reunions, Mike and I recorded the first "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes" song in about 5 years a couple weeks ago. It was a cover of Danzig's version of "Buick McKane." Mike changed the lyrics and gave it to his wife as a wedding gift. It was super sweet (in the "ahhh.." sense, not the "AWESOME" sense). I'm gonna put together a video for it, so I'll post it at some point.

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