Monday, January 2, 2023


I'm stoked to share that Byzantine has released our new EP "Black Sea Codex," available everywhere digitally and on CD. This is my first "official" studio recording with the band, and we couldn't be more happy with it. We released this independently, as our record label Metal Blade was very gracious to allow us to do, so 100% of the money goes back to the band. 

Grab your copy here: Bandcamp (digital and CD)

This EP came about during the height of COVID when we wanted to keep busy and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band. Long-time fans of Byzantine will notice that 4 of the 6 songs are re-recordings of the band's earliest demos. The very first Byzantine song I ever heard was the demo of "Unhook Me" back in 2002, so to record bass for these songs was a trip. We also recorded two covers of "Red Skies" by The Fixx and "Sirens" by Coroner.

This EP was a great way for the band to get warmed up for our next full length album, which we finished writing as of December 31, 2022. We will be hitting the studio in a couple months, and Metal Blade plans to put the record out in the spring of 2024. Believe me when I say it will be well worth the wait. 

Thank you kindly for the support in 2022. As for Mega Beardo music, I plan to be more active on YouTube this year and have a goal of releasing one track per month, both covers and originals. So I would appreciate subscribing to my YouTube channel and following me on Spotify so you don't miss anything!

See you in 2023.