Monday, August 9, 2010

"Creatures..." Teaser

I've been chipping away at my newest demo, currently titled "Creatures of the Bloodline." This will be the second track on my upcoming Castlevania-inspired album. Basically the whole thing will be based off of the first game on the NES. I'm gonna have to make a bunch of shit up for it, seeing as how the "plot" for the game is simply: Simon enters the castle. Simon kills a random assortment of bad dudes. Simon kills Dracula. The end. If you need a reference, this song is inspired by the first level of the game, from the second he waltzes through the door up until he fucks the bat up with the axe.

Here is a short video of me doing some scratch track rhythm stuff for the song. Everything you hear is a scratch track, so don't mind the vocals. Please.

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