Monday, August 30, 2010

New Tunes (Always) On the Way

Over the past week, I have been trying to finish up the next Castlevania track. I started writing the song about 14 months ago when I first had the idea for the album. I actually wrote the first couple of riffs when my left ring finger was still broken. I was bored, okay? You tell a guitar player he can't play for two months, and see what he does. That's right, he learns how to play power chords with his ring and middle fingers.

What I originally thought was going to be a fairly straight-forward hard rock tune turned into a 10 and a half minute monster. But the song is about killing Medusa with holy water, so try fitting that inside less than 630 seconds. Expect some video sneak peekage of that song soon. It's another 7-stringer.

Descension Rate has also been toying with a new tune, currently titled "Odd Lane," but that will most likely change once the lyrics are written. It's a riff-o-rama with some weird drum pattern changes, so we're still getting the hang of it. We should have it ready to roll by our show on September 9. We're also trying out a new ivory-tickler, since Jason decided to step down.

Now, I shall sign out with something that makes me smile. Welcome back, Cornell. We've missed you.

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