Sunday, January 27, 2013

A "Ledjent of Zelda" Super-Update Post!

Judging by how infrequently I have updated my own website, you can sense that things have been quite busy here in Mega Beardo Land. Not only have I been working on my soon-to-be-released Ledjent of Zelda (a modern, proggy metal take on the original LoZ OST), but I am working on contributions to some really awesome compilations coming out this year. PLUS, I am getting a couple of new projects off the ground.

With that said, let us get a quick rundown of the status of Ledjent of Zelda, shall we?
  • The writing part is completely finished. That was the hard part, of course. Now it's just a matter of re-recording most of the guitar parts to make them sound better than the demos, pretty much.
  • Rhythm guitars are completely finished. The only thing left is to do lead guitars, clean guitars, and bass. Lead stuff is next on the list!
  • There will be 4 tracks all adding up to be 25 minutes in length (this is an EP). 
  • The EP is still projected to be out to you, at least in downloadable form at, by March. Physical copies in the form of those archaic music depositories known as compact discs are also in the works.
  • The artwork will be handled by the ever-incredible Brian Pickens, who did the artwork for all of my albums up to this point.
  • Last, but certainly not least, there will be REAL drums on this album! I've programmed drums for everything in the past, so this is a real treat. Drums are being handled by fellow VGM remixer Angel Hernandez (Another Black Day). You can check out his amazing remix work at!
So I think that brings us up to speed. Of course, always check back for more updates. I'm also on Twitter (@megabeardo) quite a bit, tweeting updates on music and just talking video games/music/movies/randomness in general. That's a good way to keep up with what's going on in my little world. With that, I shall leave you with the final two video updates for Ledjent of Zelda. Enjoy!