Friday, June 1, 2012 Welcomes Mega Beardo!

You may remember my remix of "Heart of Fire" from Castlevania. I posted the video of it last year, and it is now available for free on my bandcamp site. I submitted this remix to VGM super-site at the same time with the title "Death Tap."

And guess what?

"Death Tap" is now my very first remix to appear on! I couldn't be more excited. I remember when I first started working on my Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute, a couple of my friends said I should put serious consideration into submitting one of those tracks to the site. Instead of submitting something I'd already recorded for an album, I decided to take time off from writing Belmont to do my "Death Tap" remix specifically for 

Check it out here!:
OCRemix: Castlevania 'Death Tap' 

I'm in the middle of working on my "Ledjent of Zelda" album now, so chances are I'll take a break from that and put together a (non-Zelda) remix submission. I'm not sure what game I'll attempt, but I do have a couple in mind. I would like to give some credit to a lesser-known NES gem.

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