Friday, May 11, 2012

"UnMega" is Released!

My new acoustic EP "UnMega" is now available on or you can stream it below. So stream it, download it, share it, etc. It's only $3, or you can name your own price. Any and all support is much appreciated.

To get a better understanding of "UnMega," here is what I had to say about it in my recent interview with WVRockscene:
"Doing acoustic stuff is way different than what I do with Mega Beardo or anything else. I guess it’s more of the singer/song-writer type, but the songs are quite melancholy and haunting in a way. I’ve been telling people, if you like the tracks “Simon” and “Such is the Curse” from Belmont, then you’ll dig this stuff. I drew inspiration from a lot of places: childhood memories, horror movies...there’s even a song I wrote based on the famous West Virginia story “The Telltale Lilac Bush.” The production isn’t stellar, nor is it meant to be. Usually, I’d just grab my guitar and hit record without any time-consuming pre-production microphone placement stuff. These are just songs I’d write when the inspiration hit, and I couldn’t find any place for them. I’ve been recording it off and on for two years now. I figured I’d just write and record until I felt like I had enough for a short album."

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