Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mega Beardo: "Belmont" To Be Released on October 31, 2011

This Halloween, I will finally release Belmont, a metal concept album I have written based on the original Castlevania game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  All nine tracks on the album follow Simon Belmont as he progresses through each level of Dracula's castle to fulfill his destiny.  The lyrics deal with Belmont's personal journey as he struggles with the burden of ridding the world from impending darkness.  The recognizable villains and in-game environments play a key role, while certain characters and elements of the game will be expanded upon in ways that enrich the overall story.   

Belmont Track Listing:
1. Simon
2. Creatures of the Bloodline
3. Medusa's Scream
4. I Return to Rain
5. Shadows Without a Sun
6. The Mysterious Works of Dr. Frankenstein
7. Bring Me Death
8. Such is the Curse
9. The War of Dark and Light

The album will be available for download at my bandcamp site (  I will also order a limited pressing of the album in digi-pack form for those who still collect music (good for you).  The album artwork will be created by Brian Pickens, who went above and beyond for the Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute album artwork.  Seriously, the dude is incredible.  I am beyond excited to see what he designs for Belmont.  As always, I appreciate those of you who have been keeping up with my progress and supporting me over the past year or so.  I ultimately write music for myself, but it pleases me immensely when others gain enjoyment from it as well, even if it's some nerdy album about a Nintendo game written by a bearded dude from West Virginia.  

And if that wasn't enough, I have also been writing and recording a short and simple (in contrast to my normal writing style) acoustic E.P.  The as-yet untitled album will consist of six tracks of pretty much my voice and an acoustic guitar.  I've recorded roughly half of this album so far, so you can expect it to hit my bandcamp site shortly after Belmont is released.

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