Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's That? New Mega Beardo Covers?

I did something that I really hadn't planned on doing: cover a Castlevania song.  I got a request on YouTube to record my version of "Heart of Fire" from the game, and I thought, "why the hell not?"  I've been spending what little free time I have for my music writing this Simon Belmont album (6 or 7 months of recording demos now).  I thought doing another quick Mega Beardo track would help break the writing cycle a bit.  

Doing this cover was a lot of fun, though it wasn't as challenging as a lot of the Mega Man 2 stuff.  I forgot how much fun it was to take a piece of music from these games, jam on it for a while, and see what sort of originality stems from it.  I hope you guys dig the little spin I put on this tune.

I'm putting a video together for it now.  I'll upload that to YouTube and then put the mp3 of the song on the Download tab of this site.  On a side note, I was quite surprised that this song hadn't been covered endlessly on YouTube like I thought it would be.  What gives?   

So apparently, I'm taking requests now.  Anything you guys want to hear?  Shoot me an email or comment below. 


  1. Ah, that's a classic! I would love to have a crack at that one sometime.

    Such a great game. I may have to play it for a bit later!

  2. Oh man the last thing you'd want to hear from me is request lol. By the way it's Crosstruth from youtube, there is a ton of songs I'd love to hear YOU cover even though I've heard countless other covers, and some.. none at all because its rare. Obviously I don't expect them all to be covered but just to give you some ideas.

    MM1 cover album PLEASE.
    MM3- Wily Stage 3 (one of my all time favorites)
    MM3- Get a Weapon
    MM4- Cossack Stage 1 (impossible to find a cover of, now stage 2.. not so hard)
    MM9- Wily Machine - Tornado - and Hornet
    MM10 - Bass Shop (ZERO covers)
    ----Enough of Mega Man-----

    Final Fantasy 4 Boss theme/Golbez theme mixed
    FF7 Cid's Theme
    FF7 Shinra/Mako Reactor mixed
    Startropics Overworld theme (rare)
    Shadow of the Colossus - The opened way
    Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Main theme
    Ninja Gaiden NES - The masked devil
    Golden Axe - either Wilderness, or Death adder
    Castlevania SoTN - Illusionary Dance
    Lufia and Fortress of Doom - Intro theme
    Actraiser - Birth of the People and Sacrifices
    Soul Blazer - Lonely town
    Splatterhouse 3 - Intro Theme
    Mother 3 - Natural Killer Cyborg, Hustle for Pride, Mr. Great's theme
    Xenogears - Grahf Emperor of Darkness
    Young Merlin - Vast Plains
    Tetris Attack - Forest stage
    Section Z - Intro theme
    Spy vs Spy - ..the only song in the game haha
    Secret of Mana - Opening theme
    Battle of Olympus - Peloponnesus
    Castlevania - Poison Mind
    Dragon's Curse - Mind of hero
    3D World Runner - only has one song
    Rygar NES - primeval mountain or gran mountain
    Castle Crashers - Castle band ( ZERO remixes )
    Chrono Trigger - Kingdom trial
    Final Fantasy Legend - Main theme
    Battletoads - Ragnarok Canyon
    Crystalis - Village
    Sonic 2 - Boss theme
    Vandal Hearts - Street Fighting
    Shining Force - Overworld
    Guilty Gear - In Slaves Glory
    Soul Reaver - Ozar Midrashim
    MUSHA - Stage 4
    Suikoden - Main them arranged
    T&C surf design/Jaws bonus level (more for laughs)
    and finally FF6 - Dancing Mad third and fourth movement.

    But anyways like I said obviously I don't expect them all, or even most but hopefully I named some that you already like or might find interest in and would enjoy covering, I'd be happy with any of them, I like all these songs.

    Thank you.

  3. Great list. I can already tell you I had a couple of these in mind already. One game in particular, I think I'm going to do a full album for (but I won't say which one yet, just in case I change my mind).

    I'd say look for a cover sometime next month after I finish writing this "Belmont" album.