Monday, November 8, 2010

Epic Song is Epic

I just finished recording the fourth demo for the Belmont album,'s 11 and a half minutes long. Sorry. I honestly didn't expect that at all. You see, when I write a song, I usually keep it under tight wraps inside my brain. When it comes time to start programming drums for it, I usually write out the structure in ways which only I could probably understand, like so...

Believe me. "DT x 4" and "Balls to the Wall Riffage" had some sort of meaning in my head when I wrote it down. Anyway, after I saw the structure written out, I thought, "Surely, this will be 7 or 8 minutes tops." Wrong, Beardo. Very, very wrong.

Though it lacks shortness, it makes up for it with absolutele epicness. I'll post some snippets of it in the upcoming "Writing Castlevania" episode. I'm so happy to finally hear this song outside of my head, in which it has been festering for the past 2.5 years. Now let's hope my vocals don't ruin it.


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