Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a lovely day for metal

Descension Rate is heading back to 123 Pleasant St. in Morgantown for one of the two shows we have planned for this semester. What? We're busy dudes. We go to grad school full time and work full time. Metal can wait. Or can it?

High Stick is filling in the headlining slot, and will be there to provide all of your favorite classic thrash metal chart-toppers.

This may be the last show for Beloved Dead in Morgantown. Stan has been a good friend of mine over the past 7 years, and it will be weird not having him in town anymore. Beloved Dead has been a staple in this music scene for a while. But he's off to better things, and we all wish him luck. He still lives in the most metal place I've ever seen. And it's full of Rickenbackers of all kinds. Let the jealousy commence.

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