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Outside of my bands, I've been writing my own tunes for quite some time.  I have old demos laying around dating back to around 1997.  The songs back then - of course - were quite crappy, as I had just learned how to play guitar; I also knew fuck-all about 4-track recorders.  Through trial and error, I was able to fumble my way through that old Fostex, and I would record multiple-track demos of nothing but guitars and pass cassettes around to friends in high school.

Once I got to college, I also entered into the digital age of recording.  I got my hands on Sony Acid Pro 2.0 and an old copy of Fruity Loops and began learning the ropes of recording interfaces and drum programming.  I kept writing instrumental guitar songs, and I would make copies of them for any of my friends that wanted them.  Nothing else came about from those tunes, and I doubt anything will.  

My first official solo release as MEGA BEARDO came in the form of Mega Beardo: A Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute.  This was a sort of loving tribute to one of my favorite things of the past 20 years.  Recording cover versions of Nintendo songs, especially Mega Man songs, is definitely nothing new.  But I hoped that my linear concept-album approach to the entire soundtrack would be a credible addition to the over-growing library of vintage gaming music re-imaginings.  

On November 7, 2011, I released Belmont, my second album as Mega Beardo.  Belmont is a metal concept album based on the original Castlevania game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. All nine tracks (70 minutes) on the album follow Simon Belmont as he progresses through each level of Dracula's castle to fulfill his destiny. The lyrics deal with Belmont's personal journey as he struggles with the burden of ridding the world from impending darkness. The recognizable villains and in-game environments play a key role, while certain characters and elements of the game are expanded upon in ways that enrich the overall story.

I have a lot of requests to do other vintage game covers, especially from the Mega Man catalog.  I'm not ruling anything out at this point, and I do have another vintage game album in mind after Belmont.  I also have a couple other tricks up my sleeve that I hope to start sometime this year. 


  1. Someone really should sit down with emulator source code and write a program that replaces the original music with yours. I would play that game to death. TO DEATH, I SAY!

  2. I've heard tell of people actually replacing the music with my album on their iPhone roms of Mega Man 2. I'm not sure how it works, but apparently it fits right in!

  3. It would be easy enough to write up a new game from scratch with sprites and this music using multimedia fusion 2. I am actually working on a remake of the original castlevania and came across the stage 5 music which sadly the download to the mp3 here is broken. I wanted to use that for the remake since I am using all metal mixes and playstation/ds style graphics up-scaled to 1920x1080 at 16:9 ratio.